HUD customization

Can the elements of the default HUD be relocated? I've recently gotten a large ultrawide monitor and having things displayed in the corners is really impractical.


  • The engine was designed from the ground up with modding in mind, and consequently the whole UI layout was built through scripts entirely accessible to the end user. Because of this it's entirely possible to put any elements anywhere, and there are a handful of scripts to change things from ingame... I'm sure someone has even made an ultrawide specific layout, but I don't have one on hand myself. The only real trouble stopping it from easily supporting fully custom HUD aspect ratios by default is that all of the child elements being dynamically added at the root level of content controls (such as PlayGui, which always needs to be full window extent to render the scene) would need to instead be added to a relative scaled wrapper container under the root - not impossible or even particularly difficult by any means, just tedious to go through and alter everything necessary.

    I did convert a tweak of the resizing code to a little patch some time back as an experimental quicker way to address this that you could try, however I would caution that this isn't a fully comprehensive solution; it should be more or less fine if you're using it from startup in most scenarios, however because it's rather naïve and leaves out things like tracking the "true" target extents for brevity, it could be prone to undefined behaviour in cases where your resolution changes or when using the editor or other conditions where the elements are resized in ways it's not expecting. In other words, there's a chance the HUD might shrink or get pushed the wrong direction if something funky's going down, and you'll have to restart the game to fix it.

  • I did figure it was possible to customize with scripts, but having never worked with T2's scripting language and, as far as I know, there not being any reference docs for it anymore, I had no idea where to even start.

    Thanks, I'll give this a try.

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