Is the server dead or what?

Where the hell is everybody? Somebody told me about this mod the other day, said they had a match with 80 players in the past couple weeks. But I can't create an account.


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    It's not dead, no. While unfortunately the account registration server does occasionally go offline for a day or two, it has now been running more than twice as many years as the original Sierra hosted services ever did after Dynamix closed, and the system is designed so that if you have your account logged in locally you never need to connect to the server.

    That said, I've just looked and it's online at the moment. If you're not seeing it up now, the connection may getting be blocked by your firewall/AV.

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    OK thanks. I did add Tribes Online to list of allowed programs for FireWall. This time I'll add EVERY SINGLE EXE I can find in Tribes directory.


  • Yo Krash I just got a new PC and trying to set this up. Did the firewall thing but I still can't connect. Is the server down?

  • The authentication server is only necessary for signing your key on registration - so if you can't connect to it and you already have an account, you can just copy and from your existing installation's GameData folder to the same place on the new computer to log in.


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