Victory themes for Inferno/Storm

Hey all. I was experimenting with putting victory music themes in with the post game announcement of which team wins, and it was a pretty cool feel! I've arranged 4 themes, each with a version for Inferno and Storm. Download the attached ZIP file and move one of each team themes to your base folder to use. Simply pull or plug in whatever themes you want to use if you wish to change it up. If you move them all into base simultaneously the game will probably just use the last one in the VL2 lineup.

These are all from the Advance Wars Reboot soundtrack, though I will probably look into other themes at some point if I ever get bored of them.

The "Short" themes should complete while in the post game screen. The "Long" themes will play you into your next match. In the PUB setting it often plays me right into the start of the next game. (Some may like this, others may not.) The long themes didn't feel as complete if I cut them short and being played into the next match was a neat side effect, that's why I left them long.

Here is a quick Youtube video that plays all 4 so you don't have to play games to figure out which theme is which.

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