New Map - Medium Crossing

I made Small Crossing a long time ago to be a simple bot brawl on my local machine and it accidentally became one of the most popular small maps pubs have ever seen. I shared it when the old 64 player pub servers started needing such maps to entertain the 8-10 people playing late night as a simple and easy brawl/cap map. I've been wanting to make this map for a long time as a more fleshed out version with structures/bases but never put in the time to do so, probably inspired by playing several PUG nights over the last few months.

I'm mostly making this for the current PUB/PUG servers (24/7 Tribes etc.) so you will probably need the DMP and possibly TWL map packs used there to play it since I used some of the custom assets and an updated SC terrain while building this map. (SC-Badlands terrain + non-stock interiors).

It effectively uses the same orientation as Small Crossing but with flags stationed further back on valley bases near the back of the intended play area. There are self powered bases with inventory stations and tons of pickup packs if your base's invo's get trashed and you don't got time for that. Mission area was expanded to include the fringes of the flatland outside the TR2 steep perimeter creating a couple new skiing options for cappers and indirect attack runs.

Around midfield I added some structures and simple outpost towers compared to the purely non-structure layout of small crossing. The middle and the corners of the map have neutral stations which either team can use to retain the small crossing feel of universal stations being available. The idea behind this map was somewhat bigger games where a team can have some people on defense, offense and some midfield scrapping. If it does well enough I'd be interested to see how it would be played in a PUG setting with higher player counts, team strategies, and coordination.

Have a look and let me know what you think. Creative use of the terrain and flag base rooftop could make for some interesting flag routes.

Top half CC screenshot from observer. F is a flag base (has 6 team inventory stations), the white icons are neutral base inventory stations. The corner stations are on the outside foot of the rather steep outer terrain walls.


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