Map - BridgepointV

I created Bridgepoint a little while back to be like an alternate to the action of Raindance. Fairly close bases with room to the sides, similar spacing with different terrain, a somewhat new kind of flag stand layout. It saw some play but didn't really catch like I had hoped. (The usual mapper situation when trying to be creative)

This version removes the water to provide a bit better movement and less flag stall outs in the water. It adds vehicles from the rig platform vpad (which visually looks cool with the repair packs lighting up the pillars when they are available), and flags were elevated up one platform since the bridge's wicket looking structures proved to be a bit too rough to navigate for cappers and restricted plausible routes when defense was present. The vehicles add new ways to attack the flag stand, with a really sweet grav bike flag run on the bridge if you have the skills.

While not all of the terrain is shown below, there are quite a few cool ski options to move the flag around the map and to use on attack routes. Just outside the base are plenty of bowl formations and smooth enough valleys to crank up the speed on approach if you are capping on foot.

Seeing as everything is so close together, I kept generators off the menu and all assets are self powered.


  • Looks good, but the download is not working for me.

  • Hmm, that's odd... there was a server move last week, it's possible the upload went to the old server in the intermediate period before the DNS changed.

  • I re-uploaded just now.

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