Game gets to log in/Join screen and then freezes recently.

Anyone else notice this? I am not the only one this is happening to as I've been emailed about it. Any help much appreciated. I thought perhaps the mobo or os install was flaking so tried another vid card to see if that triggered any difference and no.


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    The people who hosted the old IRC server apparently recently deleted the DNS record pointing to the server, so the game might be hitting an error due to incorrect built-in handling of failed DNS lookups. There's going to need to be a new build/installer soon, but in the meantime you can add $IRCClient::state = IDIRC_CONNECTING_WAITING; to an autoexec script to prevent autoconnections, or maybe just install this other IRC client:

    Alternatively, to fix the game's handling of failed DNS lookups in general, you could load this code in an autoexec script:

    // Gracefully fail failed WinSock DNS lookups
    memPatch("A3DC30", "565383EC148B5424248B5C24208B4424288B4C242C81FA01040000742389442428B8839A5500895C2420894C242C8954242483C4145B5EFFE08DB42600000000");
    memPatch("A3DC70", "89CEC1EE1081EEF92A000083FE0377CD8B1DC0A7830085DB7510EB5E8D7426008B9B0C04000085DB745039830004000075EE8B8304040000C705D0A783000100");
    memPatch("A3DCB0", "0000A3D4A783008B8304040000890424FF15BCC87D00B8303E4000C78304040000FFFFFFFF8B0D94829E0083EC04C70424CCA78300FFD083EC0483C41431C05B");
    memPatch("A3DCF0", "5EC2100090909090");
    memPatch("559A83", "5589E5535657EB0B");
    memPatch("559A90", "E99B414E00");
  • Outstanding work as usual Krash, thanks for everything.

  • Chocotaco wrote this temporary fix (same as Krash suggested) if anyone is looking to quickly just drop the fix into gamedata/base/scripts/autoexec.

  • Krash pointed me in the right direction to provide that the night it started acting up. I suggest doing whatever Krash recommends.

    What I distribute now has $IRCClient::state = IDIRC_CONNECTING_WAITING; and the Winsock DNS mempatch as Krash suggested and provided for us.

    Thanks Krash

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