mad players

:'( :'( :'(today i tried to get on a construction map and it wouldn't let me because i had to download i downloaded it and it still woudn't work so i sent a message before this one.the person whp answered it told me to do this thing so i did and it still didn't work. so that is why i sent this message. i was on a other server and one of my friends wereon. my friend,me, and 5 other people. we are mad. if you can fix it we would appreciate it soo much. ;D


  • If you could be more specific, we could actually solve your problem. :P
  • If you could be more specific, we could actually solve your problem. :P

    Some better grammar would help too...
  • Basically, all the construction servers are using TribesNext, but the TribesNext auth server is down. Therefore, no one can play construction except people who registered before this afternoon.
  • DDDx play nice. ;)
    So now that the Auth servers are down, does that mean I can no longer play on any of the construction servers? If so this really sucks. This is GNRLTECs dad and i played tribes, tribes2 and vengence all the time and introduced these guys to this game. It would really be a shame that this next gen fix would lock out any new players from being able to enjoy Tribes.
    The message we are getting is that we have to have the patch installed to play any of the construction servers.
    But seeing as thought there is no auth servers to pull us through the message is irrelevant to the real problem.
    We have downloaded and installed the patch as was suggested earlier in the threads.
  • Most of the normal construction maps are hosted as Online servers rather than LAN servers (Includes TX and BC, Krypton Con, And ECM) Because these are the players that have created accounts in the new Online system and were not broken. The fix to this has been created, I believe, but has yet to be inserted into the installation patch(at least as far as I know at this time). The only way to play on these servers is to play in Online mode, even if the patch is installed, it won't work in LAN. You can however play LAN games in Online, you just need to favorite them in LAN and you can get to them Online. Remember, this is only a BETA release of the restoration patch, there will be some problems and we've people trying to fix/fixing them, please be patient.

    Oh DearWe've A Problem.
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