Server sent back unreasonable IP challenge source|Possible replay attack attempt

This tends to occur when you're joining a LAN server using its external IP address (the one from your ISP).

Note: LAN servers MUST use RFC1918 IP addresses ( -, -, or - to work correctly with TribesNext.

Solution One
  • Go to the server list screen
  • hit insert
  • Enter the servers LAN IP Address (and port if needed), and hit enter.
  • Join the server that appears with the LAN address.

Solution Two
  • Open your console (~ [tilde] key)
  • type joinGame(""); (replace the Xs with your Servers IP.
  • Hit enter

If this occurs while connecting to a non-local server
  • Ensure that your firewall has an exception for Tribes 2
  • Disable any HTTP checking in your anti-virus software
  • Open your console (~ [tilde] key), type
    $IPv4::InetAddress = "your.external.ip.address";
    (where your.external.ip.address is from and hit enter.
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