Recruiting Team ION

I am looking for some good and active players to storm the TWL ladders. I have started a team and I have a good core, but now I need to flesh it out. We're a themed team. We're going to play to win. If you're interested in taking your Tribes 2 to the next level. Let me know! I'd ask that you join #ions on All skill levels are welcome and we're recruiting all posistions if you're willing to learn. Or just post here!!!


  • I'd like to join, Im european (UK) what nationality is this clan and what do u mean by its not a valid website. Thanks
  • we're american, I'd think that would be a problem for you. Not to mention the ping difference. Its You connect to it with a program called mirc(free) #ions is where we are.
  • I'm interested, Its been too long since I played in a competition. Ill see you guys in your channel
  • come see me!!! #ions
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