Hey everyone, I just got done completely redesigning and making the website better for everyone. There might be bugs, I am sure there are, there are probably design issues too, feel free to let me know at sfphinx () tribaloutpost com and I will fix them.

I hope you all enjoy the site. Oh and I definitely made TribesNext stand out on the site I hope too.



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    Good man! Thanks for all the work you have done!


    Might I suggest a Player submitted guides section or wiki section on various aspects of the game. I see some floating around the boards (would like to make one myself someday soon) and think there should be a library for them to be indexed and read about by curious players.
  • Looking good bro, nice job!
  • Thanks, I am working no the content submission part of the site, there are a lot of checks that need to be performed for it to go smoothly.

    I already have a tutorials section that is up and when I have the content submission piece working you can add tutorials/guides.

    All content on the site is indexed using the Zend Lucene libraries so you get pretty much google quality results for the most part, and you get a lot of the same options like keyword indicators, for example you could search for "author:sfphinx" or "title:non-sequitar" and you would get specific results, you can also use the + and - symbols as well. I have contemplated incorporating the forum threads and posts into the search engine too. Time will tell.

    Send all suggestions to sfphinx () tribaloutpost com, its easier to keep track that way. Thanks.

  • Is anyone able to download anything from All I get are blank pages when i click the Download links.
  • thats awesome, we need to do more of this kind of thing on other tribes 2 websites.
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