Making its way back.-T2PRG Update

As you would know from my other post in the forums, that tribes2rpg is back in the making. New things ARE Being added.

Skins are being worked on and shall be released with the update(which we will get done)

New sky's:

More zones are being added, recently we added the haunted forest and Newb zone so new people can train and get use to the controls

Weapons, amours:
Right now we have a coder writing a program that will add weapons to t2rpg, making it easier for new weapons to be added.

So i'll keep you guys informed of a new update coming.
(right now in our server, the map is a bit messy, this is because the new terrain hasn't been released)


  • Pity bump for T2RPG & my Aussie friend.
  • I had a special attack function for my custom version of T2 RPG. I could try to dig that up if you are interested in having that.
  • yes that would be great you can go to our forums on the website to get ahold of us

  • Bumpy Bumpy.

    For what its worth, I hope this also signals that things will start being updated again.
  • yes that would be great you can go to our forums on the website to get ahold of us


    I will when I can find the time.
    New zones have been added and sorted on the map.

    New armors and models.
  • Looks like Particle from PC-RPG is going to pick up on this too. I saw Oni post over in his forums, and I'm not sure if he saw the follow-up. Particle suggested that you guys cooperate on the development.

    I don't know if I agree with that personally. Working individually would promote different ideas a little more, and two seperate directions isn't necessarily a bad thing. However, cooperating with issues you find in the code would be good. You could work together on the foundation of the mod, then input your own ideas into some of the other things. I'm sure you guys could share models too.
  • Shit I remember this, I used to post models I made in your forums.
  • Update-
    Projects dead, lead went missing, website went down and so did the server.
  • Any possible way I can get access to your updates? Myself has been hunting down console errors and broken code, killing them one by one.
    I only know scripting, no modeling or anything of the sorts and your armor/robe models interest me.

    But any source code, despite any errors/bugs, would also benefit me.
  • wtf, i thought i killed this topic
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