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Alright... new issue with my server, one me nor the afflicted can find a fix to yet, so i figured i'd make a post... i got my server up n running, it lets people in fine, its not laggy, but now the issue is some (most?) of the players who join end up getting a disconnect packet a little while after they join.

the text that appears in the dedicated client is -
-- Sent heartbeat to TN Master. (master.tribesnext.com:80)
Server Time: 02/04/2009 16:24:48 (local)
 - Heartbeat confirmed.
Issuing Disconnect packet.
LOG: The | Sniper (pl 18251/cl 18240) killed by  (pl /cl 0) using default
LOG: The | Sniper (cl 18240) dropped
CDROP: 18240 IP:
TCSCORE: 18221$0/85\0&!
Got disconnect packet.

anyone have any idea whats going on and how to fix it?


  • check to see if hi visibility is checked in serverprefs, if it is, uncheck it

    also delete all dso files
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    not working unfortunately- did a search through my tribes folder for all .dso files and deleted em, my server is running on high speed, not visibility.

    im running tricon 2, though it boots folks whether or not tricon is active (i've removed it before to test)

    right now i've had 4 different people test it, 2 have been able to remain in the server without it booting them, 2 havent
  • You may also want to check if $Host::CRCtextures is on or off, especially if you're running custom textures yourself, as this will cause disconnects as described if the textures don't match up.
  • thanks for the assistance, issue has been fixed
  • Do you want to tell us how, so other people with the same issue can find the solution?
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    i didnt have all of the required ports open it seems, so i opened them up and it stopped kicking people... i had 28000 open, apparently i needed 27999, 28000, 28001, and 29001 opened from what my friend said... i opened those and it worked

    scratch that :| put in Evo mod, and it wiped all my settings etc... and screwed up a few of the things i had set up already, so removed it again and redid all the settings i could remember from yesterday, and now its randomly kicking people again, seemingly everyone this time
  • What admin mod are you using when you aren't using Evo?
  • was using tricon 2, but removed it cause the guys who im hosting for dont favor Tricon xD i completely uninistalled tricon before putting in evo though
  • Try "turn off { in serverprefs.cs file delete serve rpresf.csdso file,then turn off CRC checking (1) } ;D
  • ;) Oh By the way Tricon2 is a mgmt mod for Version 2 and is very good to use but you gotta work with it. Probably not good for Base or Classic because Qing and Rosenber developed Tricon2 specifically for VERSION 2. Have a good one.
    RB10 of ## {dggs} Fast V2
  • My friend is also experiencing the same thing with me and him while he's trying to host a server. Strangely, my other friend who joins suffers no problem with being kicked at all, yet I get kicked at random times in the game, sometimes immediately upon join, others 5-10 minutes into the game.

    What I see is "receiving disconnect packet", where as his when he opens up console is as followed:

    "Issuing Disconnect Packet"
    "CDROP: 11123 IP: blah blah"
    "Got disconnect packet."

    What I find odd, is that my friend who's client is vanilla (clean of any add-ons, huds, scripts, etc.) runs fine without gettin booted, whereas I (with a couple huds, ecm, no custom textures, and community patch) have issues. Why is this odd? Because my friend also has the community patch when hosting, so i would assume it would work for me and not the friend with vanilla client. Apparently not so.

    Should it have to get to the point where we just reinstall a clean install of Tribes 2 and TN? What exactly is the issue here?
  • Before it says "Issuing Disconnect packet." what does it say?
    Can you post a larger, actual part of the log file?

    This is a player disconnect:
    Got disconnect packet.
    Client ##### disconnected.
    Issuing Disconnect packet.
    LOG: 01.30.2009 11:43 AM Name (pl #####/cl #####) killed by  (pl /cl 0) using default
    LOG: 01.30.2009 11:43 AM Name (cl #####) dropped
    CDROP: ##### IP:

    This is a time out:
    Client ###### timed out.
    Issuing Disconnect packet.
    LOG: 01.29.2009 7:55 PM Name (pl ######/cl ######) killed by  (pl /cl 0) using default
    LOG: 01.29.2009 7:55 PM Name (cl ######) dropped
    CDROP: ###### IP:
  • Ok after a while we finally got back together to check it out.

    Apparently it only happens when he tries to host Classic, as in clicks on the 'Tribes 2 Classic Only" shortcut and hosts either an online or lan server, it boots meh off like crazy. If he hosts base/variant, it works without a hitch and I don't get dced.

    The full message on his console says:

    "Issuing Disconnect Packet."
    "CDROP: 7513 IP: blah blah blah"
    "Got disconnect packet."
  • What is the message you get on the client end when you drop (ex. "Your connection to the server was lost")?
  • What is the message you get on the client end when you drop (ex. "Your connection to the server was lost")?

    Nothing but "receiving disconnect packet"
  • Did you turn off $Host::CRCtextures in the serverprefs as mentioned previously?
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