Does Tribes support multiple monitors somehow?

I'm pretty sure it doesn't, but I figure its worth a shot - I think it would be cool if there was a way that if you had multiple monitors you could move, say the command circuit or the server lobby page to a second monitor. This would be even cooler if you had big one for the game, and two small ones for the command circuit and server lobby respectively. I'm pretty sure Tribes doesn't support this on its own, but is there a mod or something that will? Like I said, I'm pretty sure it doesn't, but I figured its worth asking.


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    nVidia drivers have support for spanning multiple monitors as one virtual monitor, which is great for compatibility.
  • Nope, that isn't supported.
  • nVidia drivers have support for spanning multiple monitors as one virtual monitor, which is great for compatibility.

    Hmm, I'll have to look into that because I have a nVidia card...thanks though!

    There is a way to play t2 with three monitors, I recall seeing some pictures of it.
  • Duuude that would be badass. Having the cc up consatntly on a second scfren.
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    That was a major selling point for Supreme Commander, but Tribes sadly does not have that functionality.

    Now maybe you could start a SECOND copy of Tribes, fullscreen it on the OTHER monitor, join the same team (or the enemy team if you suck), and leave it on the command screen. This is stupid, but it might give you your fix ;)
  • Last I knew, the Tribes 2 executable checked for other instances before running (remember, we had crappy machines back then, so running two game instances would matter!).
    If you find a way to wrap your game to two monitors, you might possibly be able to hack the GUI to adjust the playGUI to use half the "screen", and the CC to use the other half...dunno what that would take though.
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    I know that it's been done before. It might be something as simple as changing the config file to a 12:3 ratio.

    I'm curious if you could add in support for a picture in picture sorta thing. Like a second smaller image that shows a zoomed in view for snipers, or even a view behind you. Like a server side support for a mod, or maybe special packs or weapons. Be interesting to have a pack that basically serves as a camera that views behind you all the time.
  • I know there was a script (snipehud?) that showed a zoomed view in a frame on your main HUD...
  • Back in the day when the Matrox g450 was introduced to the market, it came with multi-monitor support specifically for Tribes2 and several other games.
  • I figure there has to be a way to do it, but most information on tribes has pretty much been buried into the internet and is extremely hard to find...
  • Theoretically it would be possible to have pretty ugly multi-monitor support by hacking the game to run at a resolution equivalent to the two screens added together (2624x1200 for me for example) and shoving the CC to being open with PJ's commander hud or somesuch script at the coordinates of your second screen. The trick would be somehow rendering the game only at your primary monitor's resolution and coordinates and having the rest be undrawn blank space.

    In other words afaik you'd need to basically rape your comp to pull it off.
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