Problems with online update search

When I go online with TribesNext, it takes a real long time than says there is a problem. Do I need to work on the proxy or something?



  • Hey Im getting UEs and can't connect either, the server for the game must be down?
  • Is that all it is? I just got tribesnext and I wanna play!
  • KrashKrash Neptune Sleeps
    Peter, you need to install the patch after installing the game. There is no update search if you've installed it correctly.

    rb10, the server is not down. Your problem is unrelated to this one... if you are able to retrieve the server list, it is mostlikely unrelated to the patch and you may want to try restarting the computer. If you are unable to retrieve it, you should check the FAQ post regarding HTTP filtering.
  • Silly me-- you were right about the patch!
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