Game slows after "Mouse Test" during account creation

Title is pretty much a summary of what I am experiencing.

During account creation, after I complete the "move your mouse into this box, then wiggle it around for 10 seconds" step, my mouse movements become severely slowed (choppy) as though my latency just went through the roof.

Does anyone have this same issue?


  • Moving mouse during creation is aiding in the random process necessary for generating the key. I suppose any slowdowns are a byproduct of that processing?
  • *UPDATE*

    It seems Shizuka is right. I was about to get past the slowdown of my mouse cursor and I got my account created!

    Please disregard this thread.

    --Ensign Munro
  • The random number generator is churned after it is initialized with the random mouse position data. That way, the generator is in an unpredictable state when you actually hit the generate button.
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