I propose...

that somebody set the ground rules in a sticky (or equivalent) somewhere.
Especially for the Support forum.


  • Ok. Got any rules to post?
  • Ok. Got any rules to post?
    It's not in our jurisdiction to set the rules of somebody else's forum.
  • It isn't?
  • ... Unless specified by the forum owner. :P
  • Consensus based rules are generally acceptable, whether they become official rules or not. It usually sways all the established users into using an etiquette, or, the administrator may see what type of behavior the forum users like, etc. As for Krash, well, we assumed he didn't mind, considering how laid-back (or seemingly laid-back, since this is a relatively small community) about forum moderation he is.
  • Well then I'll propose a rule.
    All money gained, must go to Cat's PayPal account. from where it will be used on various computer components most likely unrelated to Tribes.
    Good :D? no?
  • What do we need a rules post for? Most people don't cause trouble on forums, and the ones that do won't be swayed by a simple rules post.
  • Not really rules as "community guidelines". I noticed the The-Construct.net allowed certain things that other forums did not, so, it depends on what everyone wants.
  • Well I am used to TribalWar, and TWL before that. Pretty much the only rule on TW regarding content is don't post NWS images without a clear NWS warning beforehand. Spamming and non-content-oriented rules like that are obvious, but for the most part the rules were almost non-existent.
  • While we're on the list of improvements and rules, I'd feel like sticking in something about IRC.
  • I propose... that somebody makes me less bored.
  • Why don't you read a Science Fiction book or do something else? I haven't been bored in years, because, there's always something to do where I am.
  • I've read every book i have, and i got around 30 books.
  • Only 30? I inherited most of my books from my family.
  • I've read The Dark Elf Trilogy By: Rick Riordan 1100 pages. Icewindale trilogy 1231 pages, Hunters Blade Trilogy, 1364 pages. Endors Game, By Orson Scott Card, all of the harry potter books, The Book of Dead Days, kinda sad, A Spell for Chameleon, By Piers Anthony, The Source of Magic, Castle Roogna, Centaur Isle, Ogre Ogre. and much more.
  • wow. how impressive. not only can you go around and post an off topic comment in every thread of the forum, it also appears that you have to very common ability known as reading! CONGRATULATIONS! you're mediocre.
  • Most people post off topic, like what you just posted, its off topic.
  • I have over a hundred books. All about computers.

    [me=Tribes2Player]is bored too, read all of those books. [/me]
    [me=Tribes2Player]is gonna study about C programming.[/me]
    [me=Tribes2Player]has already gotten half the book read..... XD[/me]
  • That's cool.
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