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Im setting up a ded server and im looking for inputs on map rotations/gametype, and also if anyone here that admins a server can help me out with what scripts i should run to make managing it easier the help will be appreaciated.


  • Evo is a simple yet popular admin mod that works well, but has issues with the last community update scripts.vl2, but many run it successfully. It can be a trial getting evo set right and remembering settings, I suppose evo glitches are related to lack of development as evo is abandonwear. Then again, so is tricon and atf. Then you have tricon, wich works well when set accordingly, and then there's atf mod. BWadmin is around somewhere, a similar admin mod to evo and atf, not so much tricon, but like the others, it too is abandonware. Each has different things to offer, the "fart" function in tricon I find particularly amusing.
  • Maybe you could post news and info about your server @ the EU T2 forum too. I'm sure you can get some help from the ppl who are already hosting EU servers and also you could get more ppl to join your server once its up.

    The forum is at
  • Great, thank you, i will try to post over at also, im just trying to read up on server related topics , and get as much info as i can right now.
  • Got two servers up, both 32 player, located in london so should be a good connection.
    Silens #1 Classic Ip:
    Silens #2 Renegades Ip:
    Will probably switch the renegades one to a D&D gametype later on.
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