European Pickup Games - 2/3 Maps - from 7 PM GMT - Everyday - DT Required

Hello all, I like to make all you Europeans aware of a community that does pickups / competitions in European viable times. So if you're European and want co-ordinated matches with a friendly bunch of people to be with here is the site for it. We have pickups in around 7PM GMT / 8PM CET time everyday where we have good games, around 8 v 8 on worst occasions to 14 v 14 in tournament mode with selected roles. We also are hosting a base / classic competition for those who want to be competitive.

How are our games run?:
Each game is like a tournament, we sort out whose going to be captains and then those pick out of those who are playing. After picking they assign roles for example, one person is a Base Raper and another person is Base Defense or Turret Farmer. This makes for a well co-ordinated and fruitful game, which although may have less people, better then a public game.

We don't use Tribesnext for the time being so for more information how to access our servers, please see below.

Information on how to get in touch:

IRC Channel:
(Google: MIRC For the IRC client, type in /join
(Their Site)
(Info on how to get files to access their servers).
(3rd post: Some important terminology used)

Need Help with Defense Turret?:
(To make it so you can play defense turret re-install Tribes 2 in the separate directory i.e. if you installed tribes 2 with tribesnext on it in C:\Dynamix\Tribes 2 a separate directory could be C:\Dynamix\Tribes 2 (Defense Turret), for example. So essentially you have two identical games but one with tribesnext and one without (defense turret doesn't work with tribesnext).
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