Can somone list some quality Hunters maps?

Team Hunters or FFA Hunters. Either work. Please list any that you have played and enjoyed so I can try them out with some friends of mine, thanks! :)


  • Team Hunters: Rimehold

    You spawn outdoors and there are small inventory towers in the corners of the map. Excellent for light armor combat. The nexus, however, is deep inside a base. The same base as Ultima Thule (siege), with two entrances, going down into an intricate underground complex with the nexus deep in the heart of the base, the main hall. There are no inventory stations base. Because of this, while the light armors duke it out above the ground, the mediums and heavies work their way deep underground to claim their territory. This leads to some pretty heated battles.

    It's one of the few maps that brings out the essence of T2.
  • Rimehold would make a great CTF map.

  • Clearly there's nothing more to T2 than twl classic ctf competition.
  • Rimehold is not to be played on Linux servers. There's a glitch that makes it randomly disconnect players when played under those conditions... wait, are there even Linux servers anymore?

    I'm sure some TH vet like `Phoenix could tell you about the good maps in the default rotation. Personally, I find Agents of Fortune to be the best map for it.
  • Clearly there's nothing more to T2 than twl classic ctf competition.
    You misunderstood me. Just wait for Snowcone to appear in the Branzone rotation.
  • Calling me out RS?

    Agents of Fortune ftw. I can't remember a lot of the good maps off the top of my head... I'll write some down next time I'm in game. To be honest though I like all of them...
  • I remember there being more sweet TH maps... didn't remember that they were customs. Gehenna is definitely sweet though, prob my favorite. And ramparts though I've never played TH on it looks like it could be either really sweet or really shitty.
  • Dust 2 Dust
  • Sundried
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