Siege PU - Saturday, March 7th 2009 @ 9:00 PM EST

This is gonna be the big one! We've made new maps, new gametypes, and new strides in bringing players in. Play something that doesn't involve a flag for a change!

Server is The Pond - Siege Central (IP: It is running classic mod.


  • Also of note: this pickup will host a new gametype called Warfare. Warfare is kind of a cross between Siege and CTF. Instead of having a flag, each team has a switch protected by forcefields and generators must be blown up to get to it. It is a round-based format where 3 captures will win the game.
  • Is siege one of these new gametypes/mods people are making for TN?
  • your sarcasm is noted

    now show up
  • How many people tend to show up to these?
  • I've seen the server of 32 fill up
  • Not a very talented group so far...
  • Checking to see if this is still going...
  • Sorry I couldn't make it guys. My friends 21st was that night and was pretty much obligated to drink with her.
  • It was lots of fun. I'll make most sat's from now on.
  • Uh, I thought it sucked. Maybe it got better later on?
  • Uh, I thought it sucked. Maybe it got better later on?
    I was a little late because I had to celebrate my mama's birthday at a family outing. Not sure how many people were on at the time.
  • Anyone up for some sieging tonight?
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