Updates/News and such

Where are updates/news and stuff posted on this website? I've looked everywhere and couldn't find an archive of it.

I can see the 'news' while logged into the game but where can I see the same news on this website?

Do servers require the patch when a new version is released or are the changes only clientside?


  • Are the patches backwards compatible? If server is running x version, can client connect with y version? Or should they both be running x version?
  • Patches are (at current) backwards compatible.
    Once the community features (i.e. clans and such) are reintegrated, any RC1 servers will still work, but won't be able to process those features.

    And in regards to a centralized news/update page, Krash has been busy with life as of late, and thus hasn't had time to make updates to the website. :/
  • Game servers poke clients with the protocol version in use on the server side as the start-up to the authentication sequence, so any additions can be negotiated between the server and the client.

    The current plan is to add an additional upload of a periodically refreshed community server certificate to handle name changes, and clan membership. If a server is out of date, the client will just send the bare account certificate, and show up with the initial account name without clans. If an out of date client joins an updated server, it will ignore the request to send the community certificate (since it won't understand it), with the same result.

    The only changes that will require a client to be at or newer than the server will be the anti-cheat system, when mandated by the server.
  • Cool, thanks for the clarification. That's good to know!!
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