UDP QoS and Tribes

I read in another thread here that UDP is often deprioritized on certain hardware, and have a feeling that may be what's happening here on my college's wifi network.

I have been able to successfully connect and join servers before, and have had servers appear with information in the master list. Client successfully retrieves the master list of IPs.
My usual problem, however, is pingouts. If I can actually connect and join a server, I have not yet pinged out from this wifi. The key word there is "if", as more often than not, every server on the list times out on the query.

Is there a way to see if UDP is deprioritized? Like just short of sending off an email asking "do you guys deprioritize UDP?" Is there some other possible reason everything pings out but on the off chance a query gets through, it's smooth sailing?


  • y not just disable qos altogether? it is useless afterall.
  • Not my decision. Like I said, this is behind a college wifi. If they are deprioritizing UDP, I'm more or less asking if there is a way to know that, or if the random-chance connection issues I have here are caused by something else.

    There's no issue at home. Maybe I should just give up trying to Tribes it up while at school and just look forward to it at home.
  • ThythThyth Apotheosis Incarnate
    VPN off network using a non-UDP transport. You could also complain to your campus IT department about abysmal VPN performance, or VoIP performance. You're more likely to get a straight answer from them if it sounds business related.
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