The EU community is using TN now

Mix's start around 20:00 CET (Central European Time)

Connect to QuakeNet and join to sign up.

Defense Turret is not requierd anymore but you do need some map packs. Downloading Europack 2, Europack 3 and Europack 4 should be enough. You can get them from

We only play base right now... but if you want to play classic then you should come to and let us know. Maybe we can get enough players to start something.

At the moment we play on Euro #2 or [IQ]Clusterstube. But not all the server have been moved to TN yet so this might change.


  • Yes.... it was only a matter of time. The plan is finally falling into place. >.
  • Welcome, friends from across the pond!

    Back in the day, the German Community Tribes Video was one of my favorites :)

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