TSW Pickup Satuday @ 2000 EST (8 PM) (also in Technicolor)

Look fun to you?

Then Tactical Sky Wars is for you! We're having an event this Saturday, and we need you!

Liked Bones Dogfight? You'll feel right at home with TSW, with it's vast array of flying vehicles. Fan of TAC? A loaded Havoc gives a 100% bonus (double damage) to all damage done. Chainguns become powerful anti-air weapons, Mortars become deadly flak bombs as they can be triggered mid-flight, Plasma guns can change modes into fireball launchers that strike enemy ships at a distance, and Laser Rifles become Deathrays, just to name a few.

What is Tactical Sky Wars?
TSW is a mod, geared towards aerial combat. To this end, there are no additional weapons, but the existing weapons have been modified for aerial purposes. For this reason, and to promote vehicular teamwork, the ground had been electrified. If you want to touch the ground, you'll have to bring a Shield Pack, or touch down and do the electric slide. The game otherwise plays the same, the only other modifications are done to the vehicles.

What kind of modifications or vehicles does TSW have?
  • TurboCat AWACS Jet Bike: This is what happens when you convert a Wildcat's shield generator into a super-powered 2-engine rocket, and attach a Chaingun. With a radar range of 500m and blazing fast (700 KPH+) speeds, you could easily complement a fleet of ships or go for some light defensive action against enemy vehicles.
  • Flag carrying denied from pilots: This means no solo flying to cap! The focus of TSW is teamwork, so you and your teammates form up an offensive plan to victory! The Nightshade Infiltration Cruiser is especially useful here as it can teleport a flag carrier from their base safely to the vehicle.
  • Valkyrie Interceptor: What happens when you attach modified hoverbikes, gutted and packed with explosives and a guidance system, and stick 4 of them on a modified shrike that sacrifices shields to increase weapons and engine power? A Valkyrie is born, with the ability to swiftly move in and take down oppositional forces. You'll feel like a real fighter pilot at the cockpit of this flyer. That's right, a flying vehicle with two weapons you can switch between!
  • Flares: With a vehicle that can throw missiles on command, or a Havoc with turbocharged missiles, what would you be sore without? Flares! Gunners and Pilots have a flare option in every vehicle. Simply by pressing the HealthKit key while in a vehicle, you can convert a Beacon from your personal inventory into a flare.
  • Avenger Assault Cruiser: When a bomber is modified with two turrets and a larger capacitor instead of a bomb bay, what do you get? A very happy gunner. Simply by pressing pack, you can switch from bottom turret to top turret to ensure no threat can evade your wrath. The top turret is also modifiable by swapping the turret barrel for even more customizability.
  • Damage, Defense, and Stability Bonuses: To facilitate the power of teamwork, each vehicle has 3 attributes that are increased when more people board. Damage output increases, defense (damage taken reduced) increases, and stability (how much you are affected by pushback from Mortars and Missiles and such) is increased, or well reduced in this case. Each vehicle has specific amounts that they are affected by these, so read the wiki for more information.
  • Retaliator Assault Battleship: A havoc with 3 controllable turrets? You mean we can put on a mortar or AA turret and blast other ships out the sky? You're absolutely correct! The Retaliator is an all out gunship, sporting heavy shields and armor and a 75% damage bonus. A dedicated team can trade blows, and only skill will determine the winners. Don't want to fly to the turrets to replace the barrels? No problem, just hop into the control point for the turret, and it automatically mounts it for you!

These are just a few of the things found in Tactical Sky wars. For more information, feel free to watch the videos.

What do I need to play this mod?
Absolutely nothing! This mod is completely and 100% serverside. You just jump in and join the fun, no silly downloads or client packs to get the full experience.

Sounds great, where can I play this mod?
Come on over to Goon Haven TSW this Saturday at 8PM EST (20:00 EST) and join us for some aerial combat in the skies! This server is up (now) and will stay up, so if you and your friends want to join up and play, go ahead!

This is the Grand Opening, and as such I will be recording action to go on YouTube! If you want your pro piloting skills used in a demo video for TSW, come and join the fun!

Wiki: http://wiki.radiantage.com/index.php?title=Tactical_Sky_Wars
Official Forums: Goon Haven TSW forums
Screenshots: http://img.radiantage.com/main.php?g2_itemId=8216
Firestorm vs Flag Capper - YouTube HQ
Lightning shoots down an Avenger - YouTube HQ
Annihilator goes for a stroll - YouTube HQ
Retaliator suicide run - YouTube HQ
Valkyrie vs Valkyrie - YouTube HQ
Lightning and Firestorm in: Base Assault - YouTube HQ


  • If it only had booster... I would play it. :p
  • You still doing this? I've got an ache for some vehicle mods that only TSW or Bones can sooth, and we all know nobody plays bones anymore.
  • I'd be willing to, but no one seems to want to join pickups anymore O.o I'd say it's on though, sure.
  • There needs to be a sticky with all of the pickup games listed on this site. I know that there have been some pickup games I have wanted to join, but completely forget about.
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