Web-based Server listing, How?

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How do I go about getting the two T2 servers I manage listed on the "Web-based Server List"? (They have been running for quite some time now.) (I've spent over two hours on this website looking for pertinent information, but can't find anything that is clearly pertinent.)


  • The server list hosted by MaxOGC refreshes every few hours or so. Your server will have to be up long enough to be picked up by the refresh.
  • You're probably not on the master list. Are other people able to see/join your server?
  • If your server has been communicating with the TribesNext Master Server correctly than it will be picked up by my web based listing every 2 hours. If you would like to see if it's being picked up immediately you can use the "Refresh All" button on the top right of the page. That pulls info from the TribesNext M.S. in real time.
    If your server is still not being listed than it's not being seen by the TribesNext M.S. at all. You can verify that by viewing the console and at the bottom it should say something about tribesnext.com port 80 added to listing successfully.
  • Don't I need to add a "patch" to the server or something first?
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    Same method applies to patching a server that applies to patching a client. I kinda figured that you had done that already.

    Downloads link at the top, then Multiplayer Patch (2mb).
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