Help with Tribes 2 skins!!!

Hey all.Can somebody tell me how to apply Tribes 2 skins and where to download them?
I would very appreciate it.Thanks ;D



    If they are in .vl2 format, put them in Tribes2/GameData/

    I usually put mine in Tribes2/GameData/Base/Skins/
    for the sake of being organized.
  • Im having some problems with my weapons and vehicle skins. :( Where should I put these ? thanx
  • @BossMeUp

    Weapon and vehicle skins go in C:\...\Tribes2\GameData\base\textures\skins

    If you also have some weapon effects (sniper rifle beam, explosions) a select few of these belong in C:\...\Tribes2\GameData\base\textures\special instead. Dig around in the textures.vl2 file to figure out which effects belong in "special." (I recommend using Zipeg to open vl2s)

    If your skins/effects came in a vl2 they *should* work if you put them in the base folder. If not, you can extract the files and place them in their correct locations. If the correct folder(s) do not exist, you can create them. Just be sure to type their names exactly as above.

    Hope that helps!
  • A .vl2 file is a .zip file with the letters changed. Just change the .vl2 back to .zip and windows can see inside the file. So you don't need any special program to open it or unzip it.
  • Alrite thanx guys I really appreciate the help. :D Happy Gaming
  • I have followed your advice, (Thanks!) but I'm still having trouble. I have armor skins that work fine in the base folder, but weaps and explosions don't. I've also tried putting them in textures-skins and textures-special, but I'm still not having any luck. They're all .vl2's. Any other tips?
  • all vl2s go into the base folder only
  • also, if the skins are not showing up put a couple of z's at the beginning of the .vl2 file. like zzz-skins.vl2
  • i put some skins i downloaded into base folder but thier not showing on my player page in game and ive put them in textures >:( wat do i do :'(
  • All depends on if you have a good .vl2 file. You gatta have a complete set for them to work. Just open up your .vl2 file for the skin you cant get to work and see whats in there. In a player skin there has to be 5 .png files for human or 3 for derm. You might also see .BM8 files these are stupid and you dont need them so if they are not there no worries. Weapons are the same but there should be like 14 .png files in the .vl2. You can mod each .png file if you want or just replace the current one with what you have. Explosions are in your base folder under textures.vl2 and weapons are in the skins.vl2. You can open these or any .vl2 by right clicking and open with Winzip. I highly suggest backing these up before you F with them. Weapon and player skins are easy, but explosions and stuff like that get alittle tricky. i have a bunch of complete texture.vl2 files that I have found or have messed with and i always go back to the original. anyway this is alot of info good luck, oh and if you cant see skins make sure your settings are set right.

    B out
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