Traditional T2 Classic PU's ???

Hey All,

Im just looking and I dont see any traditional PU's? Just PU's For mods etc. Are there any traditional Classic pickups? If so can you give me the 411.

Thanks Yo. :)



  • #lastgasp on

    We have PUs several times a week (when everyone isn't in ladder matches). Recently, it is more common for people to sub in scrims I think, but there are still PUs.
  • What is the name of the server? Any other details (mods, patches etc) I should have to participate?

    Thanks Bud,

  • Also... I am jumping back in after years of not playing so i need to rescript everything. It looks like you have just about everything i will need on your ftp (SCORE) I know i need something to change FOV but what other 'staple' scripts should i have? I know there are more but time has its way of diminishing memories. :/

  • UberFOV

    For servers:
    Goon Haven 64 for pubbing
    Branzone Central for pubs in the evenings
    Branzone PU for pick-ups

    My other scripts:
    buddypoints (better interface for waypointing your teammates)
    halChecker (tab out of game)
    halDeployer (the deployer ring when you have a deployable)
    ma7autodemo (auto-demo each match, pause on score screen)
    support.vl2 (of course)
    droppedTimer (my modified version)
    grabSpeed (my modified version)
    QspeedHUD (my modified version)
    uberFavs (better favorites + more favorites)
  • Nice you are the man!! Where can i get the support.vl2 I could not find it on your ftp
  • Nevermind I got it. Thanks again man. Its good to be playing again. :)

  • You will need to download the twl map packs 1 and 2.
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