Saving Password at login

Petty issue I'm having, using the "save password" button at the login screen doesn't seem to work.


  • I guess no one else is having this problem?
  • KrashKrash Neptune Sleeps
    It's always worked for me, can't think of a reason why it shouldn't, assuming the game is being closed properly. That particular option is carried over from the original login screens, so if it doesn't work you can't blame me. :p
    I'll fiddle around with it though, see if I can't make it fail.
  • No, I close our properly, no time out or abrupt shut down. I have no other issues what so ever. I just can't save my password.

    Not like this is a serious problem or anything. More of a pain in the nuts.

    Thanks for looking into it.
  • I have this problem to. I'm running vista if that helps at all..

  • ^ Vista here as well.
  • I can confirm that ticking the "save password" box does nothing. Vista 64-bit, game is properly installed in C:\Games\Tribes2, not running the game as administrator.
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