Account creation problems ...need a hand !

I don't seem to be getting an answer in the Support Forums, so I'll toss this out here. Are any special ports that have to be open fir T2 Online ? I keep getting the same message, " Authentication server is off line or unavailable" .

I shut off my firewall, changed my firewall settings, etc. and no go, and the Authentication server shows as being online . Any thoughts ? I played T1 and T2 back in the day and loaded this up again for some aerial jetpack fighting and Big Green Boomie goodness. ;D


  • Incorrect course of action. Support threads belong in the Support forum, period.

    Have you read the FAQs? Twice? Three times? Have you followed their directions? To the letter? If not, do so.
    Do you have any antivirus software or any software at all that may be filtering traffic? Have you verified that you can reach the auth server itself by going to ?
  • Responses to support threads can take some time, have a little more patience in the future.
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