theGXL Information - Possible Tribes 2 tourny

The GXL Unleashed 768 Man Lan

October 30th - November 1st 2009
Starts @ 5 PM EST

How many people:
768 BYOC

Millville Rescue Squad
600 Cedar Street
Millville, NJ 08332
MapQuest YahooMaps

Tournament Games:
Counterstrike Source
Left 4 Dead
More tba

About the GXL:
theGXL was established on February 27th, 2004, as a collaboration of local gaming clans and organizations in the DE, NJ, and PA area. This collaboration of resources results in over 30 years of LAN party experience. theGXL's goal is to institute the largest and most exciting LANs on the East Coast. Those facts coupled with the amazing cooperation theGXL has received exclusively from the Millville Rescue Squad have given theGXL a once in a lifetime opportunity to utilize their 45,000 square foot bay for this and future (larger) events. Currently, all proceeds earned by theGXL benefit the Millville Rescue Squad.
Snippet from The GXL
theGXL is hosting the biggest Lan Party that it has ever hosted. With over 768 gamers slated to attend and tons of major sponsers, this event is going to be the biggest event the east coast has seen in a long time. Join us on October 30th to be a part of this great event. We will host Counterstrike Source and Left 4 Dead as major gaming events. Other BYOC tournaments TBA. The standard set of fun side events and some new ones will also keep things interesting for everyone. See you there!
Registration is now open. If you prepay it is only 30$ currently, but the price will go up soon.

Registration can be found here
See you at the lan!

I am staff at this event and I've been playing tribes 2 for ages now, it was actually my first and best online fps experience. There has been talk about having a Tribes 2 tournament or just a massive Tribes 2 pub game at our event.

If enough of you are interested and think you can make it to theGXL 768 then I can try to setup an official tourny or at least get the game played a lot at the lan.

I love tribes 2 :)


  • guess no one is interested :/
  • I'm sure someone will speak up eventually.

    No chance of me making it unfortunately otherwise I'd be there :-[
  • Yeah, I don't have any interest in playing the other games, so I won't be there.
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