I wanna create special clan that deals with following

a clan called CapDriEng

which stands for capper, driver, engineer.

our clan will be consist of peoeple who take role of those jobs.
so we specialise these jobs.

I am FIREFILA . when RC3 patch releases and clan creation is enabled, I will recruit people.


  • So, you want only farmers, drivers, and \cappers?

    On a 7 man team, what would the break down be? 2/3/2?
  • This is in the wrong forum. There is no way you could make a competitive team out of just those positions.
  • he never said he wanted to compete.
  • That sounds like fun bro. I want to join a team that is down to hammer out some specialty tactics. I also am waiting for patch 3; to do a fresh install. So hit me back when you get to it.
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