Green sucks GO ~ GREY!

I never liked the green hud, puke green just never was appealing.

After seeing many are still stuck with that ugly color, I uploaded the Gun Metal Grey.
I did not make it, I merely kept it for me once I found it years ago.
D/L and drop in base folder. If you do not like it, doubt that, remove it an back to puke green.

New Link ~ Will be useless soon GET IT NOW.

Had this years ago also... but lost it. Thanks! :):):)

*** Post Count Conservation ***
i thought you quit?
If you haven't noticed what I am sure others have, thinking is not one of your better qualities. You should consider giving that a rest. Seems to put you under much strain, well both cells anyway.
Hey Uncle B can you upload a screenshot?
You know what it looks like, you had it before. All that was green is grey.
link dead. attach it within the forum plz
I will U/L again I suggest getting it this time soon. I will not be here in a couple weeks. I do not have the powers needed to load to this site. Ask the owner to do so.


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