Team Rabbit 2

im just wondering if anyone would want to try and get this rolling again?
i remember playing it for hours and finally getting decent at it back in the day.
anyone else willing to play this again? or if im late, anyone have a server with it running consistently?


  • Yes. Let's do it!! If you can find a server that we can practice on. I know of one server in the UK that we could possibly practice on but the ping for me is around 200 so this would not be ideal. Usually you would need a dedicated TR2 server because this mod might not play well with others. Sometimes you will see it listed as an option to vote for but in most cases the mod will not work right. The spawn spheres will be messed up and instead of spawning you in the spawn hut, they'll spawn you in the air in the center of the map and you fall to the ground.
    If you do come across a legit server tho, count me in!! Long live TR2! -R-
  • I would love this! Can you keep me posted!?
  • I never played TR2 back in the heyday, but I'd definitely be interested in learning. I'm all for it. Lets do this.
  • There is another teamrabbit thread too under Team Rabbit files that contains more info so check that one out too!
  • Lets do it!!!!!
  • Everyone that plays TR2 hangs out on in the #lofty channel. They don't do it very much, though. In theory they play Wednesday and Sunday on Zombies Ate My Spinfusor, but that's only in theory.

    You'll need the TWL map pack to join and change the gametype, and you'll need the TR2 map pack to actually play most of the TR2 maps.
  • wordup. I just peeked into the chat, not alot going on it seems
  • Well you might not have noticed Ayelad but those posts were over a year ago and the server we had at that time is gone. That was fun playing w/ you the other day. Ayelad and I were hanging out in this TR2 server might have been Zombies Ate... and guess who shows up, the legend himself, Juke. He played w/ us for a bit then took off. Later on I noticed that the server was passworded and now I don't think that one is in the list. Anyway let's just post here for now if anyone is interested in TR2 but it will be slow going at first. We were at this same point before but nothing ever came of it so for now just post your ideas and possible level of interest and maybe at some point we can turn it into something real.
    Rusty a.k.a Gardok, etc.
  • We're re-opening the TR2 ladder on TWL and I'm urging anyone and everyone to give it a try. There are new teams with new players, so don't be intimated - there will be people at the lower end of the spectrum along with the veterans.

    If you want to learn how to play, there's the old TR2 Quickstart that I put together with recordings, scripts, maps, and everything else you'll need to get started. Or you could just get the maps without all that extra stuff.

    If you're not sold yet here are some movies we've made:

    Or if you want them in HD,

    We hang out in #lofty and play pickups a few nights a week. Use !pickup to start a pug or !add to join.
  • Hey Juke,

    This is great news ! I will try to get on the irc if I can and will definitely join up on a team! Long live TR2 :D -demontoe- a.k.a Rusty/Gardok
  • Well I tried playing with the teamwarfare people a bit but they are way out of my league so I probly won't be able to get on a team. I'd like to find someone who could help me get better or practice with that's not so competitive. The people who are already good just keep getting better so if you aren't already advanced you can never get to where they are it seems but I'll keep trying or maybe just observe people who know what they are doing until someone can show me something useful to do sometime that would be cool. someday maybe i'll be able to play a real match game maybe.
  • Whoa, i made this thread a long time ago and met a friend who tried to help bring back the tr2 community. unfortunatly we didn't get to far but it looks like if this is up and running i'll try to get ahold of him and we'll play some games :D
  • We really need more people to grab a few friends and make a team

    There are a looooot of players without teams, and they all want to be on teams, but they're afraid of playing against the tough teams on the ladder

    We need a couple teams to be the first ones to join so the newbs have newbs to play against
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