"Too big to fit in memory"

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I haven't been able to find a topic that matches this so... here's goes. I have the old .exe from fileplanet downloaded a while ago and I have tried running the game with the patch and that is the error message that comes through the command prompt "too big to fit in memory"... which is just stupid. I am currently in the process of downloading the tribes2gsi.exe from bittorrent (NICE d/l speeds btw steady 1.5 MB/s, I will seed this as long as I own it.) I will try again after downloading this file, and doing the straight patch as the picture tutorial suggests, and get back to you. I am hoping this will solve the issue I am having! I just want to make sure very topic is covered in case someone in the future should have this issue

**** OK, having downloaded the gsi version of the file I am having identical results... so some system specs. I am running a 2.2 quad amd 9500, 4096 (3.00 according to XP) RAM. 2x1gb geforce 9500 gt in sli. It is a dual boot machine but I have installed this under XP because I figured that would increase the likelihood of success... oh how wrong I was. Now an important note the game DOES run, it will start LAN or get to the authentication screen for online play. I am mildly computer literate and well versed in T2 so... any help would just be super.

> Newly updated I have redownloaded the patch from this site... somehow I got a corrupt version,I know not how, it's working beatifully now, it patched and... omg tribes 2! whomever you people are... you are proof that good things do not have to die, if we believe in them!


  • For those who have had or will have this issue, removing some memory when the current total is 4g will likely prevent this error under xp. Reason being is that 4g is the total ram seen under xp, and things (apps) get crazy whenever you have that much mem. Similar to a pagefile of 4g total under xp, the system will have all sorts of issues.
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