MAPPING --- OKAY... I give up!

I am looking everywhere for that mis checker that was once available on, and despite My best efforts I am unable to find this simple tool that will keep me from weeding through countless lines of text to find, what I'm sure, is a misplaced semi-colon! ANY help???


  • Post your MIS file on here and we'll fix it.
  • Grrr, alright but now I just feel like a twit, and this forum attachment isn't helping it says I can't post .mis... so I'll put the friggin thing in a vl2 then. And here we are... good luck, god speed, are you available 24/7 cuz I have a few maps I am toying around with! (No one saved that .mis checker??????)
  • make backups from time to time, and always before you manually edit your .mis, its easy to lose a bracket and i rather go 1 step back than spending half an hour searching for the reason why my map doesnt load.
  • I always make back-ups, but the changes I made were so extensive (basically moved eveything from one map to another, and to new locations on said map... while maintaining everything in it's simgroup) I just don't even know where to begin looking. I didn't see any obvious formatting but hopefully you peoples have more luck... seriously... no one preserved that .mis checker????? To the people that took over T2maps... didn't ya think that might come in handy some day????????
  • compile("missions/PUSH-2.mis");

    Approximately gives you the line number of the error. Misplaced brackets are far harder to find, though. Anyway, the error is at Line 1145.
    new InteriorInstance(Team1 Main Base) {

    You should never put spaces (or hyphens) in the true name of an object (the text box that shows the name that gets displayed in the MissionGroup). While we're on that subject, you should NEVER put a hyphen or space in the mission filename either (display name is okay), or needlessly redefine important server variables.
  • SPACES! I knew it see, I told you once it got figured out I would feel like a twit. I'm redefining server variables? I'm not quite sure I understand what you mean by that one. As for the mission name, it will get a proper name when it's complete! Damn Red you ever have anything up-lifting to say or is negativity all you spew? (Thanks by the way!)
  • Server variables such as "the number of vehicles each team is allowed" shouldn't be modified. Hyphens and spaces in a mission name wreak havoc on a ServerPrefs file.
    Damn Red you ever have anything up-lifting to say or is negativity all you spew?
    of course not
  • Okay, next question: I am trying to get a capturable spawn point, but everytime the spawn point is captured Team1 spawns at the enemy base, (regardless of who captures) and neither team spawns at the captured objective. Thoughts?
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    Did you rebuild your spawngraph?

    If you did and this is still happening, there may be a problem with the spawnsphere. Is there water around it or anything? Water shouldn't be on the map during spawngraph generation. Also, set indoorWeight and outdoorWeight to 0 if you're not going to use those features in that spawnsphere.
  • I actually tried deleting all three spawnspheres, replacing them, and re-running the spawn graph. There is no water block in the map. I had planned on using indoor and outdoor weights for all three spheres, though I could deal with it being indoor weight only. I am going to play with it a little more right now but I seem to keep getting the same results.
  • HAHA! I got it. Noob mistake, do not try and create a spawn graph with spawns outside the "mission area". I resized the mission area to include the distant base, reran the graph, and used it with the original mis file and it works perfectly. I know My map will never make it into any rotation but, does anyone help playtest anymore?
  • Thanks... it's posted. I have several maps I have been toying with, hopefully I'll get some constuctive criticism, though I'm guessing I'll just have to take criticism!
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