Any old heads still around?

One of my buddies was playing T2 yesterday, and I played for my first time in like 4 years....and thought it was cool to see a server still active filled with people. So, just wondering, anyone still around from the times when t2 Classic first came out?

-Great One, also known as Southface


  • Ye, actually I *am* still around, though I guess we never played together. I've been on and off this game since the very beginning. At least one thing being old is good for - at lot of things to remember... ;-)
    Welcome again!

  • Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • Yep... Still around, been around since about 3 months after T1 released, still amazed that I haven't found any games that I enjoy more than T1 and T2. :D
  • I'm still around, as I have just found this site. Thank you soooo much for reviving Tribes 2.

    You may remember my old name ImInViSibLe. Or you may remember my brother (Incognito) who kicked many a butt for many years and got kicked from many servers because he was so ruthless.

    Glad to see this game is still alive. I guess I can stop wishing for that special game that will make stop craving T2. Jetpacks are so cool!
  • Yes, im still here.
    I was (GOD)NINJA67
    and if anyone remembers the dinosaur, Jazzz thats my father :)
  • Play alot of Eve online and TF2 now but about to install ol'tribes 2 again :)
  • markymark has a 3rd nipple

    r u markymark?

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  • Oh god it's Thal. Who let you in here? :P
  • On satellite ATM, so I can't now.
  • Oh god it's Thal. Who let you in here? :P

    Oh dear. Who let YOU in here? :o

    I miss talking to you. MSN moar plz. :D
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