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    I'm really starting to get a sick feeling deep down about this ...
    HybridSin Post MAP/MOD MAKING
    There is no way a game could have the label Tribes with out people being able to make Maps or have home brew mods people could download . Tribes stays alive from the community adding and keeping it alive. If this is going to be -what you see is what you get. Please let us know now. I think I can pretty much speak for every on from the tribes world when I say (We don't want a product called Tribes we cant add part of our own creations to).

    Pluberus New post Re: MAP/MOD MAKING
    There can't be maps or mods since this will be an MMOFPS - Everything will be hosted on HiRez' servers.

    Canucck New post Re: MAP/MOD MAKING
    lol, maps/mods/skin are not unique to Tribes. They're no more special in tribes than they were in any other traditional fps. This isn't going to be a traditional fps, it's going to take place in a persistent world. Custom maps/mods/etc likely just aren't going to be possible.

    However, the part where it's an mmo with a constantly changing an evolving world is supposed to fill that void. You'll just have to wait and see how things play out.
  • Ok I made a new topic
    Post Tribes 4
    Can we have a FPS Tribes released with Tribes Universe. One we can mod,map and add things like the good old days. This with Tribes Universe will be every ones dream come true!
  • Can you be banned? It would probably be the highlight of my day.
  • I don
    Ok I made a new topic
    Post Tribes 4
    Can we have a FPS Tribes released with Tribes Universe. One we can mod,map and add things like the good old days. This with Tribes Universe will be every ones dream come true!

    'I don't think that is possible with a unreal engined game.
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    Actually an Unreal game should have really high modability. UnrealScript is probably a lot more robust than TorqueScript, it's just a matter of allowing people to edit a game's UnrealScript files. I see no reason why an Unreal game would have any inherent problems with modability. The engine's netcode and overly-complicated physics, on the other hand, would make it difficult to create a Tribes game, but it sounds like HiRez is well aware of that, are they are trying to fix the engine themselves to ensure it makes a decent game. However, because it's an MMO, user contributions in the form of scrips, maps, etc will probably not be a priority.

    You guys need to realize that this is not Tribes 3 and is not even trying to be Tribes 3. It's in a different game genre entirely.
  • Ditto what robertom2002 said.
  • Tribes Universe
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    Tribes Universe
    Developer(s) Hi-Rez Studios
    Publisher(s) Hi-Rez Studios
    Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
    Release date(s) Q4 2011
    Genre(s) MMO, Co-Op
    Mode(s) Multiplayer

    Tribes Universe is an upcoming massively multiplayer online shooter developed by Hi-Rez Studios based on the Tribes series. The game, along with Hi-Rez Studios' Tribes IP acquisition, was first announced on October 23, 2010. Alpha testing is said to begin at the start of 2011, with level 50 Global Agenda players getting priority in both Alpha and Beta tests.[1] Users can sign-up to be part of the Alpha at

    The gameplay of Tribes Universe will focus on player versus player (PvP) combat, while the combat itself will take place on large, open maps with support for more than a hundred players fighting at a time. There will also be a large, persistent world where players fight for territory control. The game will consist of just three different tribes, and is primarily a first-person shooter with third-person view being an option in some vehicles. Both ground and air vehicles will be featured, along with full clan support. Tribes Universe will also include key signature aspects from previous games in the series, such as skiing and jetpacks.[2]

    In an interview with, Hi-Rez Studios CEO and lead developer Erez Goren stated that Tribes Universe won't be like traditional MMO's. "Tribes Universe is not a traditional MMO. All character progression is designed to give more options in gameplay (not inherently greater player strength), levels are more for reputation, and the skill system is much more similar to a game like EVE." Goren also stated that they are using Tribes 2 as their primary reference base, and that Tribes Universe is likely to find its core audience in harder-core FPS communities, and were building the game primarily with that audience in mind
  • WOW If Tribes Universe is a world like this I'm speechless
  • I'm sorry for posting so much but all this makes me feel like T2 just came out lol
    I know this is a long shot but I made a new post topic

    TribesUniverse Construction Idea

    I had an idea I wanted to share maybe in these large worlds teams can have a new armor class called builder. Builders will be responsible for building on existing stock bases or deploying new ones. Everything added to these bases can be repaired and destroyed. builders should also have weapons for protection. I think this would make the game a lot more interesting. I'm interested in knowing what every one thinks about this and would love to here ideas for the new class.What can builders build and deploy. The more I think about this the more I like this idea.
  • I don't give a fuck about how good or bad the game is going to be. Atleast there is SOMETHING. Anything is better than absolutley nothing. Tribes lives on.

    And maybe the new game atracts new players to T2 too? Who knows....
  • The announcement on the Hi-Rez forums has def pumped up the t2 population. 64/64 on Goons with people joining the second others leave.

    If you aren't excited about tribes: universe, then just stay with t2 and watch the tribes franchise pass you by. :)
  • lol pass us by?
  • Can you be banned? It would probably be the highlight of my day.

    That's not possible with the Thyth Game Engine. You should already know this.
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