No jetting ?

How can you disable jetting?


  • The simplest way would be to set the jetForce attribute of the individual armors to zero:

    LightMaleHumanArmor.jetForce = 0;
    MediumMaleHumanArmor.jetForce = 0;
    HeavyMaleHumanArmor.jetForce = 0;

    Would be a good idea to save the old attributes before changing in order to restore them afterwards:
    $SaveJetForceLight = LightMaleHumanArmor.jetForce;
    $SaveJetForceMedium = MediumMaleHumanArmor.jetForce;
    $SaveJetForceHeavy = HeavyMaleHumanArmor.jetForce;

    Restore by reversing the above assignments.

    You can see all the attributes of the different armors in file player.cs
    ... or in the console by typing:
  • Okay, then how do you make infinite jet power?
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    is there any simple way to modify it only for humans ?

    No simple way.
    You need to define a custom armor type:
    datablock PlayerData(LightMaleHumanArmorNoJet) : LightMaleHumanArmor
    jetForce = 0;

    Do this for all armors in the game.
    Then write a function which replaces the standard armors with the new custom armors, something like (not tested):
    %count = ClientGroup.getCount();
    for(%i = 0; %i < %count; %i++) {
    %cl = ClientGroup.getObject(%i);
    if (!%cl.isAIControlled()) { // not a bot
    switch(%cl.getDataBlock()) {
    case LightMaleHumanArmor:
    %newarmor = LightMaleHumanArmorNoJet;
    ... // cases for all the other armors...
  • eek! Thats a lot of code. tribes w/o jetpacks just isn't tribes though.
  • I remember a construction mod with zombies that had no jetting ?
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