Make a left 4 dead mod...

The left 4 dead mod would be so awesome... Don't you think... We go off fighting zombies... running through towns.... and obsticles... Please post replies on this and forget about my spelling im to tired to fix them right now but i do want to know if anybody can make because i have no freaking clue on how to make mods.


  • i been looking for it but never got help with it... i wish somebody would help me.
  • Is there a thread somewhere with more info on the Infected mod?

    I've known about it for some time, just never get to play. (Nobody's ever in there.)

    Crappy little mod I made with a few friends a while back. Still had quite a bit of fun with it. Those were the days...
  • If you want left 4 dead then go play it. There is only so much you can do on t2, and remaking left 4 dead is not one of the things.
  • There is a mod with zombies called infection /accm its a offspring from construction there might be a server up for it right now
    All I can say is to hang out in Theconstrust game rooms and ask .

    Or play my variant of CCM, Total Warfare Mod, which some idiot here thought was GTW...
  • what if we could get gtw + zombies
  • I definitely wanna play this with people, so much fun!

    I saw an infection server up, anyone still play?
  • Rooster, yes. We tried yesterday and it wasn't working correctly. However, the CCM works fine. Which I find EXTREMELY fun. :D:D:D
  • Hey everyone. As some of you know I now have an Infection, zombie killing server up being hosted by It currently has a cap of 8 players. (If it continues doing as good as it has been I'll pay for a 14 slot server.) It's running ACCM 1.4 and should help ease some of your tribes 2 zombie killing cravings. It'll be up 24/7. If you guys have any suggestions or concerns feel free to message me! [:

    I'm also looking for some coders/programmers so if any of you old geezers would like to support me with minor bug fixes and tweaks please, do hit me up!
  • I love this mod!
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