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  • I have been telling my kids for a few years now about how addicting tribes2 was. My best friend made our gaming computer and getting fiber optic internet before anyone else in the neighborhood had high speed. All about the ping speed!

    We were a a small clan, I wish I could remember our name. My buddy pasted away a few years ago, and when Vengeance came out I quit playing gaming all together. However, I am trying to download T2 now, and hope to be flag running again.

    My claim to fame, being able to drop land mines over heavies and disk the mine in mid air, was a cool trick that took a long time to get good at.

    "rage against the dying of the light"

    "Where talent is a dwarf, self-esteem is a giant."
  • Love to see old timers coming back!
  • its nice to see this thread is still thriving like crazy.
  • Tribes 1
    Shifter was all I ever played. Other than Ultra Renegade for fun.

    x$ - Extreme Swords
    xT - Extreme Tribes
    Name: AcidViper

    Anyone know any of these guys? Stargaze, Ragman, Osiris, or Shorty? Wish I could find all my old buddies from those days.
  • -=A0=- Absolut Zero. Played as a chaser, cloaker, and all around n00b lama :P
  • Has to be at least 10 years since ive played T2, some damn good times playing it.

    I played pretty much arena exclusively.

    Not a damn clue what the teams names were.
  • Arena is my fav, sadly no one plays it.
  • I was always rudejohn, and bounced between lots of tribes. I remember being in one called Tribes2 Ultimate Kombatants (-TUK-) and playing in tournaments but that was eons ago.
  • Anyone remember SINNN? Hehe. I was big in aerial mods. Also is the epic Bones Mod servers. Never joined clan since i was betrayed in one. :]
  • Has to be at least 10 years since ive played T2, some damn good times playing it.

    I played pretty much arena exclusively.

    Not a damn clue what the teams names were.

    yup. Most fun i had playing a multi player game. Miss it. :\
  • This is was MidnightThunder creator of Generals. I loved this game played T1 and T2 now play the suck version that was put out recently... :-/ if this works ill be back here for sure!!! Miss this place...
  • Anyone remember blue slime, green slime and scoobs/Scoobz?
  • Looking for T2 nostalgia and look what I find! Got pumped about my T1-T2 days after a few YT vids and now this.

    Dia-menz was my Tribes name. Played mostly as a HO, taking out bases, turrets, and morter-ing returning cappers :)

    Previous clans were:
    =GKG= (T1)
    =NIR= (T1/T2)
    [NEG] - Negativity (T2)

    I lead Negativity for a few years and had the best of times. Started negativity right around the 5150 / =V= era and kept playing through until the end. We were in top 10 for 16v16 which I'm still proud of. Also wrote and released a few scripts under the Dia-menz name. One for enhancing chat, and another for creating and saving mid-air waypoints for heavy spamming gens and turrets :)

    Give me a shout out if any Negativity players happen across this :)

  • I was not, but it's great to see yet another vet returning. Hop in-game. :)
  • HarbringerPain since the very beginning. aka funw34p0nz as my alias. No clan to speak of. I was a lone wolf. Long Live Tribes!
  • Played as Saaah many years ago. I was in Hades [H] for a time then Nomad Knights NK| and then Mighty Coconuts Mc|. I was a flag capper though loved going in bombing or tank runs.

    I remember Spigz, The D_E_V_I_L, ruffflemasn, Goretax, F_o_X and many other names I would recognise if I saw them.
    We use to do tourneys against idk?,[b-s-g], many others I might have to watch my old recs somewhere on my old obsolete hard drives.

    Was very sad when it all finished. It was a unique game which made me have many late nights.
  • You can still play it you know.
  • I have been playing for a while.. since the game started.. Was in STAR clan my name was BattleLord2000 and was with earthihabitant, Baked, Rapter, couer de noir. And about a 100 others heh.

    where you and everyone else at?
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