Creating collection

Hello Tribers!

I've been searching far and wide on the net to collect everything I can find about tribes 2. I have documentations of how to script mods for tribes, skins, mods, voices. Everything I could find I have downloaded and added to a collection. I'm trying to eventually create a new ultimate tribes2 pack. I already have more than the orivinal pack for as far as I could see. Now I'm asking the tribes comunity to please help and make this pack as complete as possible. I'm hoping people have more mods, skins and all that is tribes stored on a drive or a could that isn't downloadable on the net anymore. So I'm asking... no begging you people to send me anything that can contribute to this pack so I can eventually share everything to all who want to play tribes again.

Please send the files to: [email protected]
Any help is appriciated.

Kind regards,

ps. Think about future generations if they can't play tribes anymore because all data has been eraced from the net o.O that would be so sad.


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