Notice of intermittent server downtime: 2019-05-21 to 2019-05-23

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TribesNext account and browser services will be offline for a few days starting at the time of this post. I'm installing a new router, reconfiguring my network, and will be switching ISPs at the end of the week.

It will take a little while to stabilize services again, but everything should be back to normal by Monday the 27th.


  • Turns out this migration was way faster than I thought it would be. All services should be back online now.
  • Thank you !!!
  • Thank you !!!
    Indeed, I do too. It's easy to play and forget that there's somebody hosting the t2 online services for free, two decades later after release, with so much going on both online and in the real world. We appreciate that you keep the game alive for those who are left and still want to have a taste of tribes 2.
  • Hear hear!

    Thank you Thyth
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