Arena IS BACK!! slap happy is now working..........

read the subject line lol. just in time to.. thnk god.. and who ever owns slap happy i forget: ::)


  • We need to see more arena players here... i have seen you and WonderBear is all. I told Mystic about the server being up but i havent seen her on. So to any and all who play or have played arena, lets get ppl waitin in the server when they have time. Even just one person hangin in there can attract an eye or two to get a game goin.
  • I'm trying to play. What needs to be done to get going? I assume regular logon is not all that is needed.
  • u download a VL2 file from the-construct (dot) net put it in ur base folder, set your Defense Turret Icon's properties to "-nologin" in the target box (without the parentheses of course). Then u should see the servers when u select Lan Game.
  • Wtf? Slap happy?
  • Darn tootin'! You should come check it out... Arena is the way to go.
  • Thanks for the help Reign. Got it working, but don't see slap happy right now :-( I'll check again tonight.
  • Mai Tai owns it. I am fully in charge of it because he's gone, and I'm the only other person with access. I finally got Branzone to update the EXE. Hopefully it won't take as long to get them to install the TribesNext patch when it comes out.

    If you don't see it on the list you can try to just add it manually by IP by pressing insert.
  • Good stuff. i got in. Thanks to all who helped create this.
  • Sweet..YAY ARENA!!
    Incase no one knows...
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