my T2 exploded

so I went to log in yesterday, clicked the same icon i always have and on the login screen and the old Terms of Service thing popped up (wtf?) and had me 'Agree' to it and logged in. the second thing i noticed was all my previous aliases were missing on the warrior profile screen except for my 4 Tribesnext account names...
Anyway i got on a server and everyone was like warping and really choppy. my fps were the same but i changed my graphic settings to see if it helped but nothing. i had made no changes to Tribes 2 or anything else on my computer between the last time i had played (the day before) when it was working normally until i logged in and everything was fuggd up. also besides the graphics not working correctly my tracerdx (which i can live without..) was disabled and the keybinds gone.

I have no clue what could have happened, all my other games are working normally except t2.


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    No idea what would cause that. You may want to try reinstalling.
  • stop using hax

  • so let's pretend for a moment that i have downsydrome with computers. like full-blown drooling wheelchair type not the walmart greeter type...
    i've never uninstalled T2 before, does that permanently get rid of all my addons/demos/screenshots/settings etcc?
  • My first guess would be no. Most uninstallers I've dealt with will remove everything they installed, including the directory it installed it in. But, if there are files in any directory there that it didn't put in, it'll leave the directory, and those files, there.
  • Everything you installed that didn't come to the game won't be deleted. I suggest you copy all your stuff that you want to save and put it on a folder. Then uninstall Tribes 2, and once you install it again just put all the stuff back in there.
  • Uninstall, delete the dynamix folder unless it has Tribes or other Dynamix games in it, run a regisrty cleaner if you have one, and reinstall. Start the game and set the video up to your liking, then go and add your hax one by one untill you get your ue.
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    so yeah gunna bump this.. i deleted/reinstalled everything the other week, ran virus scan and other stuff but it's still the same.
    I noticed players/moving objects warp really badly when there are a lot on my screen but when there's like a few players in my pov it's pretty normal. (edit* there is no huge drop in fps when it occurs)

    I just dont understand how it had been perfect and working normal one day and now it's like this
  • Maybe it's epic lag? How's your ping?
  • yeah ping is steady, no PL or anything
  • Did you change anything such as video drivers between the time it ran great and the time it ran shite?
  • nope =\
    it was like 5 hours from the time it was working properly until it went gay and i didn't do anything in between that time.

    Owell, i thought maybe someone else had a similar issue at some point.
    more reason for me to upgrade my comp tho. thx anyways guys
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