Recruiting Team ION

I am looking for some good and active players to storm the TWL ladders. I have started a team and I have a good core, but now I need to flesh it out. We're a themed team. We're going to play to win. If you're interested in taking your Tribes 2 to the next level. Let me know! I'd ask that you join #ions on All skill levels are welcome and we're recruiting all posistions if you're willing to learn. Or just post here!!!


  • Join the IONS. Crush the ladder.
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    Maybe I could join? I'd love to practice.

    Though I don't know how to enter IRC. Maybe someone could help with that?
  • you'd need to download mirc... or some other irc client.
  • Alright. Downloaded it, but don't know how to work it. How do I connect?
  • RTFM

    It will explain it. Then if you need help on something in particular, ask here.
  • Alright. So based on my current understanding,this ( is unnecessary. I merely need the #ions portion if I want to connect on mIRC, right?
  • the server you're connecting to is

    once you have connected you will have to use a command to join the ions channel. That command is /join #ions

    Most people 'idle' on irc. They leave it running throughout the day, if they are there or not. You should also join #lastgasp That is where most of the T2 community lives.

    Ime new here and ime interested in joining this team....anyway i downloaded MIRC and joined to tribal but when i type /join#ions it doesent work someone please helps...
  • if you indeed conntected to then the command is /JOIN #IONS. Capslock is not necessary of course and no period. I did that for ease of reading. However, team Ion is full. I tried to join myself. There are plenty of teams looking to recruit though. Check out #lastgasp. That's /join #lastgasp.
  • Help this team out!

    i have money riding on it
  • Is Tribes 2 really still active on TWL(or anything for that matter)?
  • Is Tribes 2 really still active on TWL(or anything for that matter)?
    I heard they were getting competition back up again on TWL. Yeah, Tribes 2 is still active.
  • I am in NZ.. SO we are gmt+12.

    I would love to join in , depending on the time of the matches. I have kids so when they are in bed.. VGW, till then its VGS
  • I am interested but would need to understand what commitment was expected from me.
  • Most teams require your firstborn.
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