GTW Version 1.6 Release Party Pickup Game

GTW Pickup tonight (3-3-09) at 7PM Est till 11PM. We're celebrating the new GTW 1.6 version release today! Check out OUR WEBSITE for details on what's new in this release! (Registered users only can view this info, Registration is free!)

Creator of The Great Tribal War (GTW) modification


  • :( I have to dig myself out of a shitton of work tonight -_-
  • Due to server issues, we're going to try again this saturday evening starting at 7PM est again. Hopefully I can get 1.6 working on the server, if not, i'll host it on my machine directly and we'll do something.

  • *Hits ceiling* My project is due friday at midnight so i'm free one way or the other for this ;)
  • GTW pickup this Tuesday (3-10-09)! 7PM EST on the MaxOGC server!

    Finally fixed all bugs in 1.6 so we're doing the second full test on the new features. See this information on our website: Here

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    -removed-, right?
  • yeah can u edit that so it's not a straight email address please. i don't want spiders to start spamming me plz.

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