New Mod: T2 Instagib

I just finished a little instagib mod. Like quake and unreal style instagib it features an instakill weapon. Unlike those however this weapon is projectile based to make it a bit more challenging to connect with it, due to the large amount of open spaces in t2 I felt that was necessary. The projectile is direct damage only and very fast but will still require some leading and feel to use it well(roughly 3x the speed of a classic disc).

Light armor is the only one available.
Instagib Rocket, elf, and disc are the only useable weapons.
Disc has had all damage removed but still retains the impulse from classic for disc jumping, limit 4 discs with no ammo pack 8 with.
ELF is unchanged.
Cloak Pack removed, all other packs available in light armor, and unchanged.
Hand grenade removed, others remain unchanged.
Mines removed, no radius damage weapons so it would be too hard to clear flag.
Vehicles unchanged aside from players now being unprotected while mounted with the exception of the mpb.
Mod built from classic scripts so skiing and jetting are unchanged from that mod.
All players killed with instagib weapon will explode on death with a little blood particle trailing from the pieces for a good instagib feel.

Thats about all I can think of right now there may be something minor that I forgot but you get the idea.


Currently running a 12 man ctf server ruleset t2instagib ip


  • This mod is now done barring any warranted changes, info, forum and downloads available @

    For those of you who enjoyed the instagib style ctf games of unreal and quake give it a try hopefully youll enjoy it.
  • Fuck yea! I LOVED instagib in UT. I am really looking forward to trying this, too bad I work really soon otherwise I'd hop on there.

    Tonight at 10:30 I'm gonna check this out.

    I might have some ideas for you to tweak the mod later if you don't mind :)

    I don't know how well this would work outdoors.
  • any suggestions are welcome. post them @ keep in mind the instagib weapon is a rocket not a hitscan type weapon like ut, and quake. i tried it with a laser at first and due to the wide open nature of tribes it was just too easy, the rocket is fast but will still require a bit of leading. I am adding a laser type weapon in an upcoming version but it will not be a damaging gun it will be used a little differently.
  • Dont like bumpin my own thread but someones got too ;D

    I've been fooling around with this mod for little bit now and am pretty happy with the outcome. The most current version and most likely last version is now available on my site

    Here is a quick review of the end product.
    Light armor only
    Cloak and Shield removed
    Other packs unchanged(lights can use all packs, invos etc.)
    Light armor attributes same as classic

    Instagib Rocket, proj based instagib weapon.
    Emp Shocklance, rather than damaging, emp's target for ten secs, will stack.
    Elf, unchanged
    Disc, Damage removed, retains impulse for DJ's ammo count 4
    Emp Laser Rifle, emp's target for 10 secs and conccusses the FC knocking the flag out of their grasp. does no damage, Requires full energy bar to fire.
    Suicide Bomb, takes a grenade slot kills user and anything aorund you for 25m, -10 points for the suicide.
    Grenade, removed others unchanged.

    Vehicles, unchanged but players no longer protected when mounted aside from the MPB.

    Turrets unchanged, I didnt know how turrets would work with this style of gameplay. I kind of wanted to remove them for that player vs player feel but decided to leave them in. Added some code for admins however so they can disable the turret auto tracking if they want, good for bot matches. $Host::AutoTurretOff = 1;//disable turret tracking, user can still control via the c screen.

    AI will use the modded weapons, not the suicide bomb or disc but the others they seem to know what to do with ::)

    Mod was built from Classic.
    Thats the gist theres probably other shit I am missing but you get the idea.
  • Hey i was playing this a little against bots earlier, and I had no reticle...

    I dunno if it was a script that was interfering with anything, but it was hard as shit to aim... (still got 9 kills on those autoaiming bots though...)
  • I run a script free install and I dont have any trouble with invisible rets so I'm not sure what causes that. I have had other guys say the same thing to me in game, but most dont have that problem. Is it just the instagib rocket or all the weapons.
  • just the rocket.
    Sniper and Lance worked fine...
  • years ago i remember having this problem when i joined various modded servers and I believe there was a script out there called retfix or something. But I dunno back then I ran so many scripts I cant remember even a small percentage of em. Maybe tribal outpost has it.
  • I played this earlier. Have to say, if there are ever any pick up games I could see this being very awesome.

    DM would be a riot.
  • havent tried dm but actually hunters played pretty intense even with the bots. Hording flags is not as easy when one well placed rocket blows you to pieces.
  • edited April 2009
    I like the idea of an instagib mod, but shouldn't it be set up so that the Spinfusor itself is the instagib weapon and no other weapon can be used? This would give most players a weapon that they're already familiar with and keep the mod from making you (much) worse at normal Classic mod.

    If you want, I could probably write a script that makes the Spinfusor not deal damage against the player using it, or do like LakRabbit does and give a player a limited number of damage-free discjumps per life.
  • the problem with instagib in the tribes format is the laser rifle is too easy to use with the wide open maps and is prone to aimbot abuse, so I decided to use a linear projectile just like a disc, the cosmetic change to a rocket is of course just for looks. Unfortunately the disc has radius damage, if you leave it that way the mod becomes way to easy and your dead everytime you hit the ground. If you remove the radius damage but leave the speed of the proj the same it becomes incredibly difficult maybe even frustrating to kill anyone. So I just went a different route entirely to create an environment that plays completely
    differently than a classic ctf match.

    I think on its own the mod would be fun with a relatively small group of people. Unfortunately for me, your right. This mod when played in large doses will completely fuck up your timing due to the high speed of the rocket. But on the other hand stripping it down to just the disc in its classic state would be harder than hell and not as much fun. I do wish I would of thought of this before I started working on the mod :D but oh well its been fun anyway.
  • Anyone have a link for this? I wanna try it out, the T2 instagib site is down, and the Tribes 2 ultimate pack has a folder for it, but there is absolutely nothing inside it (so therefore no mod)...

    I really wanna play with this, anyone have a working version of it?
  • Here is the latest version of instagib if you're still looking for it. I made this mod a long time ago, I am pretty sure I have the CS files backed up some where but these DSO files will work if you just wanna play it. Extract the zip and drop the Instagib folder into your dynamix/tribes 2/gamedata folder. Run the mod by clicking on either the lan or dedicated shortcut from within the mod folder depending on how you want to play of course. Enjoy :)
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