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Author Topic: The Linux Thread
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75: July 29, 2011, 11:34:57 PM »
*I think you can make an account with the following:

- Wine-1.2-rc5
- These instructions ->,2095.0.html

You can NOT log-in with Wine-1.2-rc5.

This worked great, thanks!  I'm running Kubuntu (Ubuntu) Lucid 10.04.

I followed the above instruction's using my system's Wine (wine-1.2.2).



- Best Wine versions (in order of best to worst):

1) Wine-1.0
2) Wine-1.1.11
3) Wine-1.0.1
4) Wine-1.2

- Most importantly: DO NOT MODIFY T2 IN ANY WAY! Keep the basic installations as is, and make sure to use a .dso - remover once in a while. Modifications of T2 (skins, mods, voice kits, special binds, etc.) are currently the No.1 cause of Unhandled Exceptions for those running Tribes 2 through Wine (proof through experience).

Note: More recently, I've found it's OK to mod some stuff, just do so one bit at a time.

- Use DSO-Removers, I recommend every single time you run TribesNext.

It is definitely still true that you cannot play multiplayer unless you use a version of Wine like 1.0.  I obtained wine-1.0 via PlayOnLinux:

$ sudo aptitude install playonlinux
$ playonlinux

In PlayOnLinux:

  • Go to Tools --> Manage wine versions
  • select "1.0" from the top box
  • click "Add"

After that's done, exit PlayOnLinux.  I only used it to easily build a local wine in my home directory (~/.PlayOnLinux/).

Now we can try to login and play:

$ cd ~/.wine/drive_c/Dynamix/Tribes2/GameData/
$ rm -v $(find base -name '*.dso') # Remove DSO's, just in case
$ ~/.PlayOnLinux/WineVersions/1.0/usr/bin/wine Tribes2.exe -online # Use wine-1.0


- Goon Haven Issues: I've found that on the "Goon Haven" server, which runs Classic mod, errors of all kinds can happen, but ONLY on certain maps (although many maps that it runs). These errors, including "Bad File Descriptors", "Segmentation Fault", and "UE", will crash T2. They will be very frequent on some maps, every few minutes, making game-play ridiculous.

I just played a bit on Goon Haven and it seemed to be working fine.  Yay! Smiley
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