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Author Topic: Why do a lot of people play in snap crackle pub server?What happened to tribes2?
Seņor Nugget

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30: September 24, 2017, 05:02:23 AM »
I've got no problem with people playing on scp if that's what the community wants.

Did not see anyone asking you, if you had a problem, with anywhere we all play...long as it is not any server you are administrator on, all good with me.
earth, I've seen this unfolding the last couple of weeks. You have been the most aggressive and annoying to Choco and I never saw him kick for any reasons in-game. I saw him kick you because you don't know when to be quiet and because you have zero respect for authority. So please stop misleading people as to why he has done what he has. It's on you.

Think you missed what happen, as you may want to read the debriefing memo, before you go spouting crap, about something you missed or were not there...

If taco is the authority of the server and makes up the rules, as the game goes along and kicks whomever, whenever pleases, and you think that is okay and if you think discussion on a server is onesided with only admin being the one, who gets to run the lip...good luck in your endeavors, as you missed what CT said and reasons why he kicked.

Since you claim you were there, go ahead and refresh our memory of the situation and what you think you were only there for a moment and missed 99% of it.

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