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  • There is one more problem that I experienced when having too many bots, but I still need to make a fix for that. I made a temporary fix for it a while ago however it was buggy.
  • This is almost certainly the only problem in Tribes2 that can be exploited for RCE. I also created a pull request for Torque3D to fix the same problem. There may be a few ways to crash a T2 server without RCE, but the only one I found was the Null command one which is already patched by cmdArmor
  • I got the client working on a Raspberry Pi 3 at around 15-30 FPS in-game at minimum view distance. I used a MEMSPLIT patched linux kernel on the Pi and a custom build of Wine with It also requires the experimental OpenGL driver to run a client. I also had it working with Qemu…
  • Hi, I'd like to be in the clan. Also, If you are planning on holding a tourney, it may be a good idea to install a few unofficial security patches for Tribes 2. There is one serious problem with Tribes 2 which I was originally planning on using as an automatic mod/map downloading interface. (With player permission) After…
  • Sorry, I need to fix a bug which causes UEs when going over 170-180 bots. I am no longer hosting the server with the patch until I figure out why the problem happened again.